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Why choose Tech N Sea?

We provide you with a team of experts working hand in hand to bring you complete satisfaction.

Knowledge and Updates

We benefit from an in-depth knowledge of electronics and marine electricity, maintained over the years by regular training, which allows us to master the evolution of products and their ranges. With constant curiosity, we always want to offer our customers the latest generation solutions and products at the cutting edge of technology.

The love of boats

We have a true love for boats and total respect for all watercraft. We take particular care and great rigor during our various interventions (safety of the boat, appropriate clothing, respect for materials and places).

A central point of contact

A single point of contact, for a close and personal follow-up of each file. Each TECH N SEA expert takes charge of a file that he will carry out or have carried out under his full responsibility.

Technical assistance

We are able to provide continuous technical assistance, whether on the nautical equipment sold or on its installation, with direct and immediate reachability. We provide all of our customers with after-sales service certified by the biggest nautical brands.

Market leading and innovative brands

We have established partnerships with the biggest brands, all leaders in their sectors of activity, to offer our customers the best nautical equipment. Attentive to the needs of our customers and their requests, we always find the solution best suited to their requirements.


A developed attention to detail because the right diagnosis is essential to meet the present need but also to future needs. One watchword: anticipation!

Respond to real needs

Our interventions always start with a meticulous analysis of the request, we carry out a clear and reliable diagnosis on board the boat in order to offer the product or the solution best suited to the use and needs of each of our customers.

From Monaco to Marseilles

And in some cases abroad (Italy, China, Sri Lanka etc.) interventions take place and are paid for.

Tech N Sea

What are the focus areas?

On-board electronics
for boats
From entertainment (wifi, on-board computer equipment, television, audio) to on-board home automation, including communication (satellite antennas, telephony), navigation systems and radars;
for boats

From low voltage (12 Volts, like in a car) to high voltage (220 Volt, like in a house), direct current and alternating current;

Renewable Energy
& Energy Management
Renewable energy & energy management for boats: lithium batteries, wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, solar energy or even hydro generators. TECH N SEA teams install and configure all electricity and renewable energy production systems for boats.